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5" LCD How to Power???

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  • 5" LCD How to Power???

    I have a 5" LCD display from Parts Express and it has four lines coming out of it, they are: ACC, GND, BATT12V, and Stereo. I tried connecting the GND and BATT12V to the black and yellow lines from the computer (yes, the two next to eachother), however, the screen would not turn on. Do i need to connect the ACC to something to get this to work? And what is the ACC? Thank You

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    think it means accesoiries
    you need to feed +12v on that wire too.
    it is a signal wire to connect to let the thing only go on when your contact is on.
    connect it to a +12v which is only present with your contact switched on.
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      which 5" is this one? is it the one which folds up/down? if so, i can help you with that since i have it working just fine in my car. lemme know.
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        Yeah i just got that LCD.
        Here's what you gotta do:
        The black one that says GND needs to run to your (-) battery terminal or an unpainted metal part of the body of your car. The red 12V line needs to run to the (+) terminal of your battery, or another POSITIVE power source (accessory power works if that's easier). The ACC line needs to run to a switched power source (one that turns on and off with the car, or the deck, or whatever). There's an ACC wire that runs into your deck, and if you have subs/amp, there's a wire that runs to those that has power when the radio is on. If those aren't easy, you can splice the (+) wire and have one splice run to 12V and the other go to a switch and then into ACC, or since this unit has the power switch on front, you could just have the (+) line run right to the ACC and PWR, as long as you turned off the screen yourself when you parked so that you didn't drain the batteries.
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