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  • Inversing impossible...

    I just tried inversing my Timeline 40x4 LCD when as soon as I removed the black housing, the LCD and rubber connectors came off right along with it. This of course, made the display unuseable as I was unable to re-align the rubber strips exactly. Arby, or anyone else, how do you prevent this from happening when you inverse an LCD? It appeared the rubber strips were not even glued down to the PCB. I ordered another one from Timeline now, but I don't think I will be attempting to inverse that one after having this degree of difficulty with the first one.

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    Those rubber strips are not glued, just end up sticking due to time and pressure, they are simply conductors, taking trons from the circuit board to the display glass. just make sure they are aligned properly on the CB, that they are free from grit on both sides, and then carfully put the clean glass on them.

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      It is SO not that easy...if that thing is off by .0001 mm you will get pixel garbage. I wonder if I could glue them down before removing the black casing...


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        You shouldn't glue it, you could only inhibit an important connection. If you'll notice, the rubber strips have about 4 times more conductors in them as the number of connectors on the PCB... I'm pretty sure that I didn't replace mine perfectly, and it still works fine.

        Just make sure that it's really close to the original spot (there's a slight mark where it used to be.). Then make sure that ALL of the little metal pegs on the back are bent back in place. When back in place, it should apply enough pressure to the glass, that all the mandatory connections are made.

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