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  • Cheap 4X40 LCD

    Could/Would this work as an alternative for the EIO display?

    Use this display - $7.95 ea (no backlight)

    And add a flourescent blue backlight - $5.50

    and miniature 12 volt inverter - $10.95

    The total would only cost - $24.40
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    It looks good but I am new to this mp3car and dont have much exerience with things like this. I dont know how hard it is to add your own baclight. I also dont know how trust worthy these places are. Do they ship quickly and have good support.


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      EIO wasn't a trusty place at all to buy..

      But we still bought like hundreds off them.
      And I never heard off someone who didn't get their display..

      So I think we shouldn't be that scared in buying things..

      About adding your own backlight..
      There's this site about a guy who made a complete DIY-page about this...
      Complete with pictures, do's and dont's
      But I can't find it at the moment sorry..
      Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about.

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        The site Mark is talkin about could be this one: Http:// and goto the hardware section . There you'l find some info on the backlight (el).

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          Originally posted by peter3:
          <STRONG>The site Mark is talkin about could be this one: Http:// and goto the hardware section . There you'l find some info on the backlight (el).




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            That backlight is a tube. If you want to add a backlight to that lcd, you'd need EL. A CCFL won't work, it's too big to fit between the lcd and the pcb.


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              This is exactly what i warn ppl about when getting into these project. First off, this project is NOT cheap and ppl should stop being cheap and do it right. Thats right, i said it stop being cheap. Take a look at the total cost so far, isn't that the same price as a 40x4 LCD with backlit. Do you realize that EIO or mpja is NOT the only place that sells these damn LCD's. Try ....i dont recall how much it cost now since LCD personally in this day and age is just too old fashion. Anyway seriously, i am looking at how much u paid for NON backlit and then how much it will cost u for the light and not to mention the inverter which comes out to $24 not to mention TAX Anyway i will leave it at that.....
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                I totally agree, kinda....
                you can do this "project" for quite cheap, free samples and stuff, but won't get all the goodies...


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                  Hold on a sec charles... I thought that this was a board for bouncing ideas off everyone else? You are gonna tell me to stop being cheap???? WHAT THE HELL??? Every other post in this whole board is talking about Low Cost LCD's, Keyboards, ways to hack power supplys, etc.. Why dont you tell everyone to stop trying to build there own power supply to save a few bucks and go spend $180 for a manufactured one! You are gonna bag on my post because I try and come up with new ideas? If it wont work, just say so...

                  Building a car computer for playing mp3's CAN be cheap! It is NOT a bad thing to cut corners to save money.

                  And I did NOT pay anything for this setup because I did NOT buy it! I bought one of Arbys Displays... It was just a question to find out if it would work or not!!!

                  1999 voyager pontoon boat
                  (soon to be computerized)


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                    well said, mike.
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