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  • inverter failure

    Hey folks,

    I have a new project in the works to install a small form factor EPIA 800 I've had for quite some time in the vehicle. I chose to use the K301 monitor, which is very nice. At least when it worked.

    Here's the issue I had after installation. Everything was working fine, but I noticed the backlight behaved strangely during the first minutes of operation. The arc would randomly collapse, and would sometimes appear to be half-illuminated (as in the right portion of the screen) at a low level. Sometimes it would collapse entirely (black). I could hear a faint noise, which is difficult to describe. It wasn't a "zap zap zap," but more like a 3KHz zitzeezitzit. Sorry, that's the best I can do. The backlight would come back to full brightness for a bit before starting that cycle again.

    After this happened a few times, I decided to power down and investigate. Unfortunately, that took too long, and the part responsible for this destroyed itself (white smoke !). I'm guessing it's a capacitor, possibly bad out of the factory. I'm acquiring an RMA, so I don't want to try to fix this myself. I have to say it's annoying when something I expect to do its job does not. Hopefully the replacement unit will be trouble free.

    Has this ever been seen in monitor backlights before? Does anyone know what would have caused this? Voltage levels provided to input were within specifications.

    I also would like some user input on this display. I was initially impressed with the quality, and it was fairly easy to see during the day (anti-glare). I couldn't get a night time experience, so how's the brightness at night? Is it dimmable? Is it dim enough to not be bothersome?

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    You are not alone mate!My k301 just died 2 weeks ago!
    It worked fine for months but then one day started behaving like you said,and it died the same day with a smoke out of the back of the lcd.
    I tried contacting the manufacturer as i ordered one as a sample directly from them,but never got any reply.I even wanted to order some because i needed an lcd fast as i need to test some other product but even after many faxes i didn't get any reply.So I'm very disappointed and i would like to warn everyone about them,I will never do business with them(not that i could have the chance btw,since they don't respond).
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      Mine did the same thing

      I am sending mine back, right out of the box its faulty , it made a buzzing sound from the back panel, and the brightness would change in intensisty and that annoying sound will not stop so I am sending it back.
      I am aprehensive now about getting another Lilliput.
      Maybe I'll get a Xenarc


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        Where did everyone buy theirs from? I know some people have this screen working....I wonder if there is a consistent place to buy these from. I've heard that dealing with that place in China is a bad idea....has anyone tried anywhere else?