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  • Took the plunge

    Well i recieved the 3M DBEF film from my rep, and tonight i procedded to cut up the 0 degree sheet up and place it inside the xenarc lcd screen.

    Everything went well, but i notice that once i powered up the screen that its fairly dim. ( i did not remove the exisiting diffusers etc) Maybe i have the wrong degree polarization.

    I will try with the 45 degree **** tomorrow , and will also take some picture of the disassembly of the xenarc screen.

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    okay, i've just installed the film the correct way

    Lets say im very impressed with the 3M enhancement films, unforunately starting to become night now.. i'll upload some more photos in the daytime, definately brighter!


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      Look forward to seeing the pictures.
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        Should have titled the thread better, I almost didn’t look and I am very interested in the outcome of this!

        Thanks for taking the time and effort to do it.


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          Ok, i have some images of the upgrade during night time conditions and now daytime.

          I must say that the image looks a little brighter then what the camera took, i will be applying the BEF film soon as well. The colours seem alot more crisper and more vivid compared to the original xenarc screen when i got it, also i can actually make out the buttons in frodoplayer during the daytime under direct sunlight.


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            I wish there was more information about this in your post! I'm very interested in anything related to making Xenarc brighter. I googled and found some info...

            Is this something that you can apply OVER the screen just like that? Or? Wondering what effect it will have on the touchscreen.

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              ooo an impreza, nice.
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                No, this film is applied to the INSIDE of the LCD screen. You will need to crack open the LCD assembly and remove the diffusers which are currently in the screen.

                So your touch screen is not affected at all, infact you do nothing to the touch screen.

                When i install the BEF film to enhance the image more, i'll take pictures of the whole installation including how to crack open the xenarc.


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                  looks nice! cant wait for more info
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                    looks nice!

                    Where'd you get it? how much? how easy is it to damage the screen doing it? must be really bright at night tho - does it dim enough for night?


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                      i dont have an issue with it at night at all.


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                        did you wind up installing the bef film.. and.. got pics?
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                          I did indeed, i have some pics of the disassembly on a picture gallery of mine (check the thread about 3M DBEF).

                          I have been a bit slack about taking pictures.. i will go home today and take some and place it online.


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                            Intra, I'm just learning how LCD's work. Was the film you ordered a sample that you called them and asked for?
                            How large was the piece?
                            Is it a single film or multiple pieces?
                            Did you place it between the LCD and the Xenarc diffusers?
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                              Here's the thread.

                              Why you have a c-clamp on your laptop?
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