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640x480 native vs. 800x480 native

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  • 640x480 native vs. 800x480 native

    Has anyone an oppinion about 640x480 native vs. 800x480 native?
    I about to go buy a 7" touch screen for my car but can't make up my mind if it is going to be a 640x480 native or 800x480 native. It will be running with a Epia M10000 which does not properly support 800x480. The question is if it is worth it to go for a 640x480 screen to get a more clear/sharp picture?


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    Lots of posts about this.....however:

    7" screens are generally 800x480 resolution and we generaly use a desktop resolution of 800x600. Vertical compression seems to be less noticeable. 640*480 tends to be found on 8" screens that are 4:3 proportion. Some software can be awkward to use on a 640x480 resolution display.
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