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Difference between VGA and Non VGA Screens??

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  • Difference between VGA and Non VGA Screens??

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a Lilliput TFT Screen, It would not be used for connecting to a compur instead i would be hooking it up to my JVC dvd player in my car. I was searching on ebay and the mp3 car store and i see vga and non vga screens. Now with all the results the non vga screens are much cheaper. Is there any difference in quality between vga and non vga screens? Also what are the extra features that vga screens allow you to do? Im not really looking for a touch screen either (which most on ebay are) as i dont think it would work with my dvd players menus (would i be able to make it work with my dvd player though)

    Here are 2 screens i am deciding between:

    9 Inch and only $265 AUD

    8 Inch and $369 AUD

    Which would be better for the kind of use i am going to be putting it to, which is movies and music videos etc. And would they both come with the cables neccesary to connect to my dvd player? Thanks for all the help anyone can provide!!

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      For just hooking up to a DVD player or console game, you don't need VGA.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Thanks for the help, i tried search but it didnt come up with any results on non vga screens. So will there be any difference in a non vga screens quality? Also can a touch screen be succesfully used as a screen to a dvd player? Thanks


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          search for composit screens. Text is unreadable with non-vga (composite) screens.
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            Originally posted by Peoples
            search for composit screens. Text is unreadable with non-vga (composite) screens.
            Even text such as subtitles on DVD's? My JVC deck comes with a 3 inch inch screen on the deck would a non vga screen show the track names etc when im playing mp3 discs and music etc on my dvd deck like my 3 inch screen does?


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              it should be fine for dvd, since no dvd for the car (afaik) will have a vga output (unless it is a carputer driven thing)...

              with that said, i dont think stuff like aftermarket GPS systems, etc, work with non-vga screens (in fact, I think ost work only with their own screens, but a carpc would be able to do gps and look good with a vga screen)

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                Ok thanks for clearing that up!

                Just one last thing to clarify, is there any difference in the quality of these Lilliput dvd screens when just using for car dvd or is the only difference the vga slot? Thanks!!


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                  No, it's just a different input board to allow for the VGA. Maybe higher resolution on the VGA model from the non-VGA, but nothing you'd really need to spend the money for.


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                    There's a link to a thread explaining this in the FAQ to the FAQ's. Click the link in my signature to go there. Look under the displays category at item 1 for "The difference between a VGA screen and a composite video screen"
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