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DWW-700M dismantled for your viewing pleasure

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  • DWW-700M dismantled for your viewing pleasure

    Here's the 700M taken almost completely apart for those wanting to know what it looks like on the inside. This is the unit I bought from kickercivic1 that his friend pushed back in manually. Well heres the pics.

    Here's the unit all laid out completly in parts. Minus the screen. Havn't taken it apart yet. Waiting for new touchscreen over lay to get here before I pull it apart.

    Main Circuit board with all connections on it.

    Main case/housing. You can see the rails and gears it slides on.

    Here's the actual screen and motorized mechanism that makes it roll out and fold up. I had the cover off of the area where all the gears and motors are. I wished I had taken a pic to post here also. I've already put the cover back on and put it away for the night. I will take it off again and get a picture of it to add to this post in the next day or so when I get a chance.

    Here is the front and rear panels removed from the housing.

    This is the bag of screws I've taken out of the unit (don't want to lose them). Also shows the little gear that broke and is keeping the unit from opening by itself. The rod in the bag is the part that makes it slide out of the housing. This is also where the gear that broke is mounted. Now its a mission to find a replacement gear and it will be good as new.

    That's all I have so far. I will get some more pics as I take the screen apart to replace the touchscreen panel. Although they probably won't be much different from the ones DigitalWW has on their site. I know there were a few people wanting to know if they could fit a slim-line drive in the housing with the screen. The answer is definatly "no". The main board and the screen totally take up the entire housing.

    If anyone wants anymore pics or anything specific let me know I can take some more. I don't mind while it's apart right now. It's not that hard to take apart either. I'll do a write up with pics on how to take it apart when I start to put it back together. I'll just have to do it backwards. I also take no responibility if you take your unit apart and it never works again. I didn't make you take it apart! Just had to say that to cover my ***. Look for the write up coming soon.
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