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Composite Output to auxilary monitors.

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  • Composite Output to auxilary monitors.

    Lili in the dash, has switchable composite and VGA inputs I'm ASSuming. I am putting some cheap headrest monitors into the headrests in my car for the back seats. I also want to put a switch for the rear monitors to work between two composite devices (xbox and carputer) Going to find a video card with vga output and composite output (shouldnt be too hard) going to have the vga out go right into the lili, and the composite out right to a switch for the rear monitors. Than the xbox output to the lili comp. input and into the rear monitor switch. That way xbox on the front screen would just be switching to composite input and it will work. On the rear, you set the switch to carputer and can view the carputer (for dvd's etc.) than switch the other way for the xbox.

    My question is, what type of switch would I need for the rears, and NORMALLY would a graphics card output both composite and VGA at the same time? or would it need to be switched back and forth ?? I understand it's a broad question, I've done some searching, than posted this, I'm going back to try some more keywords. THanks fellas
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    here is a video selector (this is 4 port look at radio shack for 2 port (2port= around $15)

    i cant speak for all videocards with tvout but my nvidia can do dual montitor (VGA=MON1 and TV=MON2) or clone the video(same thing on each screen)

    (use a y adapter on the xbox, hook 1 to selector other to lilli)

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