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looking for lcd mounting suggestions

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  • looking for lcd mounting suggestions

    I'm looking to mount an lcd somewhere around my dash/passenger seat area that I can see from the driver's seat and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I can't do indash cause i've got a satellite radio and I refuse to pay $1000 for a lcd/satellite radio indash unit (I could buy a gps unit for cheaper). The machine's main purpose is going to be gps so the lcd needs to be in an easily visable spot. I also don't want any visable damage when I sell this vehical and pull all of my stuff out. I still need to be able to use the indash radio on a regular basis as well. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a pic of my dash, I can provide furthur pics if yall need em.
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    What car is that?
    2007 Tahoe
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      chevy equinox