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  • Touchscreen fix options...

    Short exposistion...Lilliput 7". Same old story you've heard a million times.

    Before I totally give up on my touchscreen I want to try a clean driver install. I've removed the drivers and reinstalled them many times, but I'm convinced the drivers aren't being removed properly and are at teh very least adding to the problem.

    Is there a way to fully and completely remove the drivers and all the little nuts and bolts it installs in various Windows files?

    Second, if I do have to replace the touchscreen, how reliable are the ones from WWDigital? Are they the same peice of junk that came with the Lilliput? Is there a better option to overlay on the Lilliput that I can install and will never have to think or worry about?
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3

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    i'm on the same boat. my lilliput worked great for about 5 months and then all of the sudden it just stopped.

    Does anyone know if the cold weather has anything to do with it?

    I'm about to give up on my lilliput. anyone wants to take it off my hand?
    my carputer


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      The cold weather can affect it, yes. What you need to figure out is if its' a cold weather problem or a "it's f'ing broken" problem.
      Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3