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  • Video Resolutions - Beyond VGA & SGVA

    For some time now, I have noticed laptop screens being defined as XGA and WXGA. I never really thought much about it. I pretty much figured everything was either VGA or SVGA. Guess I'm a few years behind the power curve because there a lot more out there. I pulled this table out of the instruction manual for the 37" LCD TV that I just bought. I wanted to post it here so others would not make the same mistake like I did. Plus I also like the fact that it breaks down resolutions between 4:3 and 16:9 aspects.

    I've normally run my laptop that has a 15.4" widescreen in 1024x768 (XGA). Well that's a 4:3 ratio which pretty much kills the widescreen aspect. Besides 800x600, most resolutions would cause my display to improperly show the screen causing me to have to scroll around to see the edges. (This is because LCDs have a fixed amount of pixels that can be displayed or something like that. I'm not gonna try to go too in depth about that.) I've changed my resolution to 1024x800 (WXGA) and now I have a real 16:9 aspect that my screen actually will work with. Too bad WMP10 does not have any kinda of Pan & Scan settings because watching 4:3 videos on a 16:9 screen kinda suck. Unfortunately, most of my music videos are 4:3 and my display adapter will only refresh at 60Hz...

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    ... and this is for any digital widescreen LCD? Good information, I need to go home and adjust my 24" LCD monitor. I wonder what the difference will be.

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