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Config Problem with Xenarc.... PLEASE HELP

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  • Config Problem with Xenarc.... PLEASE HELP

    O.k. So I finally got my carputer today I got home opened the package and hooked it up to my xenarc (The person who built the carputer pre-loaded the xenarc softare) only to find out that the touchscreen was off by a mile I would touch the left and it would go to the bottom right corner.

    No problem. Just configure it right?

    thats what I thought but aparently I was wrong. I tried to configure it but it wouldnt even let me click on the circle it says to click on. So after messing with that for a while I got fed up and uninstalled the program figuring he had the wrong software version. Now it wont even reconize the use touchsreen.

    I have been messing with it all night and cant figure it out. I have an appointment to have it installed monday and the next 2 days are holidays so I cant bring it anywhere to have somebody look at it.

    It works fine on my home pc... Perfectly accurate!

    Any suggestions?

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    Uninstall the drivers, reboot, then re-install the drivers.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I know this might sound like im an idiot but how do you uninstall the drivers because im pretty sure I already did that


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          One surefire way: reformat.
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            First off, let me preface this by saying that you REALLY should not be undertaking a project like this if you don't know how to add/remove hardware from Windows. That's just my opinion.

            1) Boot into safe mode. At the POST screen, press F8 repeatedly until you get a menu of boot options, and select SAFE MODE.
            2) Go into the Device Manager : Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager button
            3) Locate the device you want to remove and double-click on it to see the properties. Go to the Driver tab and the Driver Details button. Make a note of all the files listed.
            4) Close the properties page and delete the device from the device manager.
            5) Delete all the files that you made a note of in step 3. Delete them from the Recycle Bin, as well.
            6) Reboot the PC.

            If this doesn't work, then you'll need to do some registry editing. If you don't know how to properly remove drivers, I'm not about to tell you how to hack your registry and be liable for your Windows being rendered inoperable.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              so, are we to believe that you got this fixed based on your other threads where you were asking for help recently?
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