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xenarc 700tsv display help...

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  • xenarc 700tsv display help...

    ok, i did a search on here and looked at the xenarc site faqs... and quite honestly im not sure its a monitor problem or what but here is whats going on, and i am hoping someone has had the same problem or knows of a solution...

    anytime i dont shut down everything before getting otu of the car and then my pc reboots when i get back in the car the display is messed up. it either has shifted down w/ about 3/4 inch of nothing at the top of the screen and then my tool bar is not seen b/c it is below the screen. or there is the same deal on the left hand side of the screen having "the blackness"

    basically if i had controls like desktop monitors have to move the display up or down or left or right i could fix this, but is there a way that i could keep this from happening??


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    btw, im running a nvidia mx4400 on the m10000 board... could this possibly be something besides the xenarc?