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Problem with LCD Tm-700TS please help

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  • Problem with LCD Tm-700TS please help

    I recently went on vaction and when I got back the battery was completely dead, so once I got the battery charged back up I turned on my carputer and the computer booted fine but there seemed to be a problem with the LCD screen. All the white lettering in the BIOS were a yellowish/greenish color and when there was no signal instead of the screen being blue it was black, but the other two video inputs (AV1 and AV2) were blue with no input. At first I thought it just needed warmed up, but that wasn't it because I had it on for about 30 minutes with no change. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Help from anybody
    I emailed digitalww to see if armen had any suggestions but got now reply as of yet, if anyone has any input i would appreciate it.


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      just an update I was messing with the color, brightness, contrast, and i noticed that when i adjust the contrast of my screen from 81 to 82% the screen changes from green to red, and vice versa. There seems to be absolutely no blue in my screen what so ever. hmmmm????


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        There's a color signal wire that's not working.
        Perhaps the blue?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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