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Small touchscreen VGA LCD monitor

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  • Small touchscreen VGA LCD monitor


    I own a BMW Z3 roadster. I have been lurking in the forums for a while now and have found that the Xenarc 7" motorized LCD will fit in my car as it has been done in another BMW Z3.

    I was thinking of going another route though. Will put my Travla C138 carputer in the booth in a custom made fibreglass together with my amplifiers etc.

    As for the screen, I could go the usual route with a motorized 7" 16:9 monitor, but now I am thinking about finding a 4-5" touchscreen LCD running 640x480 or better and make a new a-pillar cover out of fibreglass housing the little monitor. Would be much more convenient than fitting a motorized monitor and much more sexy too.

    So my question is, does anybody know of such a little monitor? I was also thinking to dissect a PDA and integrate that into the pillar, since it does have touchscreen etc, but then I would run into problems with an external harddrive. Or maybe I should just buy a 4GB memory card, would house enough MP3's...

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    this is perfect.... & at 800 nit brightness will blow away xenarc for sunlight viewable..... It's around $450 complete with controller & inverter & all.... but a touchscreen is extra..... it's a nice piece if you can fit the 6.4"..... they also have a 4" but it's less than 640X480....
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      Hmm, I was hoping for something more readymade and cheaper. Browsed around the forum a bit just now and found that I can run a software called Innobec Sidewindow. It allows a PDA to replicate the VGA output on a carputer...But then again, I will not be able to use the PDA touchscreen to operate the carputer.

      Will google around for a way to make a PDA interface with a 2,5" USB2.0 HDD.


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        ipod touch screen?

        My buddy and i are working on a way to install a mac mini G4 into my lancer and control it with either just the screen from an ipod touch(you can pick up for $130.) The only problem being wiring the screen to the G4.
        or using the whole ipod or possibly an iPhone.

        we are looking into using a hacked iPhone to control the G4. the Iphone can be programed to be a universal remote for home theaters, but we haven't found anyone whose used it in a car.

        good luck.