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help touch sreen all weird

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  • help touch sreen all weird

    ok i have a super 7" touch screen. Installed touchkit and it won't calibrate. I touch the top right and my mouse goes to the top left. Touch the botom right and it goes to the top right. HELP!!! I don't know what to do. And the drivers it says are "usb touchscreen contoller(universal)" and there is nothing under usb for touchsreen just under mice in the hardware thingy

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    I had a similar problem before with the Xenarc, probably due to not doing a full installation in one shot.

    Not sure if this will work for you.

    Uninstall all drivers and software.
    Reinstall the software.
    Plug the monitor in a different USB port. The driver now should detects it.
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      sounds like the touch panel cable is connected backwards to the controller.


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        yeah something, but i fliped the plug around and it still wasn't right


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          ok i figured it out, in touchkit you have to hold down on the X


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            Originally posted by Flexia
            ok i figured it out, in touchkit you have to hold down on the X
            LOL, yeah, had the same problem yesterday. The mouse pointer on my xenarc touchscreen was off from where my finger actually was. I tried the touchscreen utility, but the calabiration option was grayed out. I figured I might as well install the most recent driver, so I unistalled it (version was the one that came on CD with the screen), and put in the new one. Said to touch the flashing x, and I would, tapped it like a million times, and nothing. As I was thinking, I let my finger rest on the X, and the screen beeped, moving the X to another corner. LOL, fixed everything, and calabiration is all straightened out. Whew! Funny thing is, I had the exact problem when I first got the monitor, I forgot to touch and hold instead of just tap. I really think they should re-word that part of the setup.