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Need 6 pin s-video cable to connect headrest monitor

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  • Need 6 pin s-video cable to connect headrest monitor

    Hey, does anyone know where i can find a 6 pin svideo type connector that connects to a headrest monitor it's the piece that has the power,video,and audio wires connected to it.

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    It is more likely that someone can help if we know the manufacturer and model number of the display.


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      Its an ma audio model # mo-068nn-01, it's a pretty old model.


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        do a for s-video cables.. make sure on the pic it is what you are looking for...
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          6 Pin Headreast monitor

          I realize this is an extremly old post... but want to help anyone who may be going throught the same 9 month head ache I did.

          If you have ordered and received a headrest monitor with a 6 pin mini din connection but no wires to connect the monitor to your deck, just do what i did after being fed up... Cut off the 6 pin connection leaving all the wire attached to the monitor. you will find 1 Power wire, 1 Ground and 1 yellow video cable. I used an old RCA cable for the yellow video and speaker wire for the power and ground. Spliced the wires, ran them under my vehicles carpet and into the deck.

          Successfully installed 2 monitors that work perfect! Hope this helps.


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            I just logged on after a long hiatus to thank you.

            I was having this very same problem, and my installer said the company may not part out this cord because they are so flaky like that.

            Mine may be 8 pins, since it has audio too, but I think your method will work, and it has saved me now a long effort to find non-existant connectors.

            Thank you.


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              Awesome to think my frustrated solution may halp someone. My unit was supposed to have the IR audio, but appearently the manufacturer left that out. I would assume my fix will still work for you, its all based on wire color... I just wish my monitor audio had been wired (Barbie gets tough to listen to after 4 hours). reply if you need any more advice from a guy that had no idea what he was doing but got really lucky. Good luck!


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                Hey guys

                I found this thread after many hours (literally) of searching the internet... I recieved a 15" roof mount TView screen, model T156IR. It has two audio connections, a small gauge 12v+ lead, small gauge ground, and small gauge "dome light detection" wire. It also has this infernal 6-pin connection (which after some research I found out that it is nothing more than a PS/2 connection, you might remember them as the standard connection on your keyboard/mouse before USB took over).

                So I did some snooping and ordered the adapter pictured here, it's really a connection for a security camera to the recorder but it has a 6-pin to 2xRCA and a "power adapter" wire.

                So I went ahead and spliced the small gauge leads into power/ground, and the dome lights on the unit came on. Good, I thought. I affixed the adapter to the unit and hooked one of the RCA leads to my in-dash. Nothin. Tried it with my in-car PS2. Nothin.

                So is it possible that these small gauge leads do nothing more than power the dome lights and I need to connect an actual power source to this 6-pin connector? If so I might try and find ANOTHER adapter before I tear the cord apart... thanks!


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                  I have the same problem with a MA AUDIO Model # AM-050PN/PP-C


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                    I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the same problem with these connectors. I cut the ends off one last night and have soldered on a RCA type plug to the video and I assume the power is the red and black wires. My question is basically just to confirm what wires do what. I'll post my "guesses" below if anyone can confirm or correct me it would be great. Thanks.

                    My guesses:
                    Red = Power +
                    Black = Power - (or is it the ground)
                    Green = Ground??
                    yellow= video


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                      Same prob, wiring diagram?

                      I have an headrest LCD monitor 7"
                      but i can inform that when i cut the 6-pin S-video part off i got only 5 cables, also when i opened the display there were only 5 cables:
                      1: RED: Power +
                      2: Black: GDN -

                      3: GREEN: ?
                      4: YELLOW: ?
                      5: WHITE: ?

                      I have a dvd for the monitor, but it have only Component cables.
                      there are no power in any of the cables so i think all of them is input?