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Lilliput Input with a camera not functioning

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  • Lilliput Input with a camera not functioning

    I'm having trouble getting a video camera to display on my Lilliput. The camera has a single yellow RCA out and I'm going into the yellow RCA jack of the USB type connector cable on the Lilliput using a a straight barrel connector on the Lilliput's jack to turn it into a female jack. Using the output from my VCR I get an image of my TV on the screen on the video 1 option, I immediately switch to the camera and get nothing. Hook the camera up to my VCR's input and I get an image there, hook the lilliput to the VCR's output and get no image. Whats the difference between the Video 1 and Video 2 on the Lilliput ? Is it possible to have 3 different inputs on the Lilliput ? As far as I see I can use the VGA, and RCA at the same time but where does the 3rd connector come from ? On an off note what are the barrel jacks on that USB type connector cable used for ?

    Thank You

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    figured out the red RCA..its the video 2, how come in the menu for source the one says video s connect and the other video composite ? Tried using the red plug with my camera and still no go


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      looks like it has something to do with the fuzzyness of the image coming from the camera, if I hook the lilliput up to my VCR and switch to a channell that is extrememly fuzy it doesn't display, switch to one thats fine and it displays, any idea's why it does that ?