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8.4 Lilliput Trouble

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  • 8.4 Lilliput Trouble

    Ok, so I get my brand new 8.4" lilli... really pleased with it... great size, finish is much more matte and much less mirror, but... and this is the big but... it won't display a vga signal. I know my computer is outputting vga, but the lilli says no signal... it will accept a composit video and audio too. And the computer recognizes the touch panel. Is it busted allready?!!! Is there something I missed... my old lilli just worked when I plugged it in... no settings.

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    Are you sure that you computer have a low resolution first for testing your screen? like 800x600.

    Aren't you "out of range" ??
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      yes I'm sure... it shows no signal... I hooked it up to mydesktop in my house and actually got it to show something, but it looked absolutely terrible. I have hooked it up to my car computer which has had a 7" lilli attatched before without any trouble, and to my good laptop which is almost brand new and it wouldn't do it on that either.


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        Ya, so I figured out its the cable... if I wiggle the connection between the two connectors I can get it to come in and out... so I guess I'll have to get them to replace it.