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TFT LCD Troubles

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  • TFT LCD Troubles

    Hey, i got a question about a TFT LCD I got all the info about it,

    Problem is i couldn't find a inverter for the graphics, its currently just a 5v+ 5v- and ground, thats fine i can invert power, but the graphics the input is a ttl connector, 26 pin.

    Well I don't know how to get one ive searched everywhere, and the 1 place offering one is Unipac themselves on a outdated site they didn't bother to shut down after Acer and Unipac merged.

    I was wondering if any of you gusy had this problem, and how you solved it.

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    the lcd is up070w01-1 and the part im lookin for is mlcd-700a ive found the specs on the a/d board but i can't find the actual board anywhere. if someone even wanted to make me one lol. there's the actual product.


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      call the US office and tell them you need the driving board kit (lcd controller) Should be under 150.00


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        thanks alot man youve been more than helpful i called em up and they were happy to assist me


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          you are welcome. glad to help.
          mind if I ask what they wanted for the kit?


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            no problem, he wants 200 even but i still haven't filled anything out as of yet. why you buy one from them?


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              no. just wondering.