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VGA connector top lilliput

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  • VGA connector top lilliput

    LOL I have no idea what I was thinking with that thread title. If a mod can rename it for me; "Exposed wires on Lilliput VGA connector a problem?"

    I just installed my brother’s lilliput in the Mechatroniks WRX bezel and noticed that the VGA connector has exposed copper at the base of the tiny plastic plug. I was wondering if this is normal, it doesn't seem to affect the picture unless I really screw with the connector. Armen sells whole new cable sets for $15 over at digitalww. I am hesitant to recommend my brother buy another cable as these shoddy connectors might be the norm. I will have the cable zip tied and it should not move around at all, I tried to use some heat shrink tubing, but the shrink wouldn't really cover that close to the connector. I'm also thinking of using some plastidip to cover exposed the areas of the wires.

    Circled in red is the connector and boxed in yellow the area where the copper is exposed. I know you can't see the copper in the picture, I'm just putting it up so everyone can see what cable I am talking about and that it's not the ribbon cable.


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    shud be fine might wnna just throw a bead of hot glue on it to hold em in place