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some info about touchscreens, help

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  • some info about touchscreens, help

    I was searching the post and i don't find info about the compatibility of a Toyota factory nav touchscreen and a pc with s-video output. i'm going to buy an avelectronic interface and have some questions:

    can i use the touchscreen to control my pc? In that case, do i need and extra wire like usb? Am i saying nonsenses?

    Thanks, and sorry for my bad english

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    You can use that nav screen if it has additional inputs for video.
    However, as a general rule, PC video output on a TV screen looks like ****.

    No, you won't be able to use the touchscreen to control your PC unless you're willing and know how to hack that touchscreen and get it to work on USB and write appropriate drivers for it.

    Someone did this for a Kenwood screen and it works, so I'm not going to say it cannot be done. However, it's more work than it's worth for most of us.

    Oh, and you're not talking nonsense at all.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for your fast answer DarquePervert, i will buy a joystick wireless mouse to do the job.

      Where can i find installation info, diagrams, pics or something like that of the Avelectronic Navigation Video Switcher S-video in a Toyota? Has anybody use it successfully in a Land Cruiser?

      Help, please.