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2002 Toyota Camry with Navigation Reuse Screen

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  • 2002 Toyota Camry with Navigation Reuse Screen


    I recenlty purchased a 2002 Camry with DVD Navigation. I would like to use the navigation screen to build a carputer.

    I did a search online and found this device:

    I think this will work with 2002 Camry but I will check with g-net to confirm. It kind of seems pricey. I could get a Xenarc touchscreen for about $100 more.

    My questions:

    1. Has anyone hacked OEM navigation screen to add a carputer?

    2. How does the toyota navigation system compare with the navigation system that I can install on the carputer?

    3. Is there anyother way (other than using the g-net adapter) to reuse the navigation screen to build carputer?


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    this has been discussed many times.

    1) the oem screen has been converted before by others, and you can do it as well.
    2) the xenarc screen will probably be better quality and easier to read small fonts in navigation windows.
    3) the oem is probably not touchscreen. if by some chance it is, it'd be extremely difficult to get it to work with your computer anyway.

    although you could convert the oem screen, you'd probably be better off installing a xenarc/lilliput/whatever