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lilliput STUCK in video mode

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  • lilliput STUCK in video mode

    I am having trouble with my lilliput 7" LCD, the connector for the RCA cables has been ripped out. So I opened up the LCD to see what was going on. When I realised I couldnt fix the problem I put the LCD back together. I then turned on my car and the lilliput like usual automatically turned on into the last mode I was in...'Video input-1,' yet when I try to change to VGA mode by pressing the mode change button, its as if the LCD just reboots itself (turns off then on back into 'Video Mode-1"). I cant even turn the screen off while the car is on, the blue lights at the bottom just stay on.

    If anyone can help it would be greater because at the moment I cant use the carputer!


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    you messed something up. open it back up and make sure all the ribbon connections are secure. be careful not to break anything.
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      ok will give it a go!