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Does anyone or is it even possible for Half-Moon LCD?

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  • Does anyone or is it even possible for Half-Moon LCD?

    First trying to figure out if I am looking for a product that is impossible to create in the first place...

    Looking for an LCD screen, half-circle, for use in a dash. I am not even sure if that is possible or not since I would figure you'd need full X by Y addressible pixels. But who knows, maybe someone has one.??

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    It's possible, but would be very difficult to manufacture, and the market would likely be too small to warrant production. I've not seen any LCDs like that, or any non-rectangular outside an April-Fools joke.

    If you can fit a normal rectangular behind the display, you could mount the Lcd behind and use the plastic to mask off what you don't want seen.


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      That is kind of what I thought. In my application a rectangular won't fit using the size I want. The outside physical case is also a half-moon shape unfortunately.

      But I really appreciate the response.