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Need Help With Installing My Touchscreen Drivers.....

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  • Need Help With Installing My Touchscreen Drivers.....

    OK, I have spent hours on this one and it has my mind baffled......

    I attempted to install the software drivers for my Xenarc touchscreen. I followed the directions that came with the monitor (Touchkit), including plugging the monitor in after the software was installed. I noticed that when I ran the Touchkit program that the USB contrller did not show up in the main window (which means I can't calibrate the touchscreen among other things).

    I uninstalled the Touchkit driver and software several times followed by following the installation process again with no joy. The thing that really gets me about this, besides the fact that I can't get it to work, is that I installed the software and touchscreen monitor on another desktop in my house and everything worked fine on the first try.

    Is there something special that needs to be done to the via motherboard (M10000) that I am missing?

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    Get the beta from


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      Thanks for the info. I have been having trouble as well. I'll give the beta a try.