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Lilliput driver issues

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  • Lilliput driver issues

    I just received my 7 inch lilliput and it doesn't work correctly. let me explain. When i plug in the monitor in it turns on fine but the touch screen does not work and i can hear the sound of the usb dongle connecting and disconnecting continously when like this. If i turn off the signal to the monitor than touch screen will work ( i know this becuase i can see it on a cloned monitor moving around) I have searched the forums with people with the same issues some people say they have found solutions but i don't see them anywhere. I have used the latest driver 4.3 and even older drivers. Please help a noob like myself out.. thanx

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    sorry to bump an old thread..but having some of the same issues with my screen. are there any solutions? whats the problem? i have mine connected to a usb that the problem? because thats what i seem to be reading i think


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      Lilliput = crap

      I have posted to these forum many times for a solution and i have never found one I think i have seriously tried over 30 different things for over two years and nothing really worked more than 20 mins. I even changed my display several times the first 90 days as i was persistant to get it to work. The only thing I have never tried, is to re-solder the USB connection on the touch screen itself. Most people will help you get through the easy stuff but they have never helped me to get it to work. If you want the ways have tried i could tell as for they have worked for others in the pass, but not everyone.


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        yea sure..that would be good. i hope its something easy for me. because i dont really want to buy another screen


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          It definately sounds like a lack of USB power. What else do you have powered off of it? Also make sure the touchscreen is plugged into the root USB port. That means physically plugged in to the motherboard, not into a 1-4 hub or something.
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            yea..i actually just plugged in the power adapter for the usb hub, and it worked perfectly. so now i guess what i need to do is buy a psu 3rd power supply for the +5V..thanks!