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Xenarc/gain Disappointment! Dead Pixel And Dirty Screen

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  • Xenarc/gain Disappointment! Dead Pixel And Dirty Screen

    So I bought one of those Gain 700TSV screens from Armen of DigitalWW on ebay on that week of the sale and I finally got around to trying it out. Was excited to finally get started cause I saved all this money up TO BUY A QUALITY SCREEN. but as soon as I plugged it in, I saw a dead pixel smack dab on the center a little bit to the left, and another one towards the left corner. Not only that, but the screen was dirty. I don't know if it was that sticky plastic screen protector that comes on the LCD when you first get it and you have to peel it off, but its all over the border of the screen where the thing stuck on. Anybody have any similar issues?

    I've tried massaging the pixel, but haven't yet tried that RGB flashing test.
    Anybody have any issues with the dirtyness of the screen from that plastic cover? How do you clean it?

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    Don't get upset. Send it back to me and I will send you one with no dead pixels. The Panasonic panels in these monitors tend to develop these dead pixels. I checked all of the monitors for dead pixels and was able to find a lot of them. Still some people had them when they got the screens.

    Email me and I will take care of it.



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      Thanks Armen. Just emailed you through the website.


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        Armen: if you're there, can you please update me on my screen? I sent it back for exchange and it arrived at your place on March 20th according to Fedex. I sent you two emails with no replies. It has been two and a half weeks since you have gotten it back. All it is is an exchange for one without dead pixels. thanks.