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New 5.6" PAL LCD Display

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  • New 5.6" PAL LCD Display


    I am soon to receive a 5.6" PAL LCD Display ... Is there anything I need to be aware of before I actually get the screen.

    Do I need a 75Ohm resistor between the two inputs???

    Will the standard 12V from the car drive the screen?

    Car: Peugeot 206

    MP3 Player: PIII 650Mhz, 128MB RAM, 10GB HD, 145W Inverter, IRMan Control, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, 5.6" LCD Screen (Coming Soon)
    Car: About to change

    Player: VIA Eden, 256Mb RAM, Bootable from 64MB Compactflash, 40GB MP3 HD, IRMan, Wireless Keyboard, 5.6" In-dash TFT, 12v DC-DC, running Windows XP Embedded with Wireless LAN, Mobile Internet, GPS Sat Navigation.

    == Running MediaEngine for the front end whilst I build a front end in VB.NET, but may stick with ME 2.0 ==

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    hey buddy i dont know much about the LCD ur talking about but sure the 12v from the car will drive ur LCD crazy .. cause its not regulated .. so i suggest you use some kind of regulator either 7812 (1amp) or 1084-12 (5amps)

    cause the LCD's are very delecate electronic babes .. so take care of them ..