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HowTo find mount parts for xenarc

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  • HowTo find mount parts for xenarc

    I need some mount brackets or a fixture or something to mount the xenarc 7" display.

    I don't want to embed it in the dash like everyone else does: why do this as it seems to limit the usability of the display?

    If its bolted to the dash then you can't tilt it for various light, also you can't work on it directly when its in the dash so you wind up bending over to get right in front of it while u type. And if another person is in there ( like the GF ) then she can grab it and work with it directly also, or pass it in back with a cable. etc.

    I think folks are just pumped to replace the boring head-unit.

    Anyway, please post any links to some mounts or different ways to mount the display with brackets or goose-neck.

    Roll on.

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    'roll on' ???? WTF!

    have you thought about searching the forum and maybe posting a summary of techniques?


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      Browse the "show off your project" thread - lots of goodies in there.
      For instance, my install takes advantage of the tripod screw at the bottom of the screen (1/4" machine screw, I think). I cut a piece of steel to fit a screw at the bottom and extended it up across the back. Riveted some angle iron to that, cut another piece of metal to serve as a "fit kit" for my stereo, and used some bolts to make the display swivel!
      Shouldn't be difficult to make it disconnect for portability.

      Steel and aluminum are easy to cut and work with.
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        It sounds like he wants what is referred to as a goose neck.
        It is a flexible mountable tube that will let you move the screen to the position you want.

        I have one, and have used it in a pinch, they are sort of ghetto IMO, and I think this is why most don’t use them.


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          why do this
          it looks oem
          you don't lose any space in the car
          screen is more integrated in the car and doesn't disturb your eyes.
          Fits with the spirit of the car
          More invisible so a molded screen wouldn't be stolen as much as other kitsch installations do.
          One more reason to put screen in your dash: Cause dash is a place where the original car computers are placed by factory.
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