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  • Respond here if you want glare/brightness solution

    Hi guys,

    I live in Minnesota where 3M is located. I've been talking with engineers in their optical department about their Vikuity products -- which are a series of different films for LCD displays.

    They have one film which you install behind the CCFLs in your monitor and it reflects light back out the front of the display. It may increase the brightness of the display as much as %60.

    They have other films that deal with glare and reflection problems.

    If I buy a Lilli and leave it at their lab with them, they will disassemble it and figure out what film is used in the Lilli. They will then figure out what films they offer which will improve the performance of the monitor. The long-term goal is that we are able to come up with a kit of say, 3 films, which you could buy and install yourself. Perhaps one film behind the CCFL to increase brightness and two films for the TS and display to help with the glare problems.

    That means I have to buy a Lilli TS monitor, which I don't have a use for, and take it to their labs and work with these guys to find a solution for everyone. I'm willing to do that, but first I'd like to find out how many people would be interested in a solution.

    Just for the sake of discussion, let's say your cost for the kit would end up being, say, $100.00 for a package of 3 films. Would you be interested in something like that? How about if it was $150.00? I really have no idea what it might cost, but if there isn't a lot of interest then I don't see any point in moving forward.

    Personally, if you guys could order a kit like this from the MP3car store and install it youself, I think that would be awesome.

    Please post your feedback here.
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    if its possible to get a nearly glare free transflective upgrade kit for 100$, i think you would have interest out your wazoo. :P


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      I would be interested, but the $100 price makes me nervous. With something like this, you can't really return it if it doesn't perform as you expect. I would definitely consider it at $100 though, and if it was around $50 I wouldn't hesitate to order it.

      - Dan

      Glare is a huge problem in my car...


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        Hmmmnn... If it was effective(have to be almost no glare and completly useable in daytime) then i would by it for around $80. Don't know about $100, I paid $260 for my screen...


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          I know you said Lilliput, but I have a Xenarc that I'm not using right now, which I could be persuaded to loan for these tests..
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            100 definatly, 150 yes
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              seeing as i have yet to void my warranty, $100 seems pretty steep to crack 'er open. i would have to be awfully damn sure that this would take care of the problem.

              in my opinion, this would be a slam dunk for the $40 to $60 range. catch me after a sunny day fighting glare and low brightness all day, and it might be a different story...

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                Here's a link to the Vikuiti site on There's even a film selector, but there's nothing about "which film is right for my lilliput"

                I was dealing with 3M a year ago for retroreflective material and was amazed at how expensive those products were...must be tons of R&D that they have to recover. But, the retroreflective stuff worked even better than promised.

                If you've got an "in" with one of the guys in that department who can customize their solution to our screen, $100 would be well worth it.
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                  as said before, 100 bucks definatley, 150, it'll take another 5 minutes of consideration, but again, definatley

                  i get glare on my lilli in the freaking living room, let alone the car enviroment(haven't installed in car yet, only in house setup while i'm getting everything together)


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                    hey man, I would LOVE to get my hands on a sheet of the Vikuiti Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF) for my screen, I'd also like to know what other enhancements I could get..... my touchscreen is a glass panel that's capacitive, so theres nothing that can go directly on it there, but I'd buy anything else that could make it better...

                    but I've got a bigger screen, a 12.1" widescreen...... if you know someone who can get me a sheet of this stuff I would really love to buy it, lmk

                    I need to disassemble my screen & replace the diffusers & polarizers soon, & if I could get some of this stuff I'd be golden

                    whatever it costs, I want & need this....
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                      No doubt this is of interest. I'd be up for the $100, but my screen is an 8.4 with AWESOME brightness. Glare with TS is my big issue.


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                        i'll go for $100 on that upgrade no more for my lilli 7" .......
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                          I've got a Xenarc. I'd be in at $100, and maybe even at $150 since my LCD could really use some help and the high-brightness LCDs are so much more expensive I don't know when or if I'll ever own one of those. Just need to know this really does work.


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                            i'd pay 100 for a xenarc compatible package as well. i'd say you've got enough interest already to pay one engineer 1 day's worth of R&D
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