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K301 vs K90 (vs k500)

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  • K301 vs K90 (vs k500)

    Since my Xenarc was stollen, I need to by a motorized screen.

    K500 is too new, it's not too preety and it has TV and amp (so we can't use m1atx to power it also, isn't it?!)

    k301 has Hitachi panel with a contrast ratio of 300:1 and nd the screen at the top of encosure

    K90 has Panasonic panel, contrast ratio of 150:1 and the screen at the bottom of encosure (saves space when opened), and also have TV.

    what do you think is better??

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    The K301 is far brighter than the K90. That's a huge plus.
    But realistically, it's all up to what you think is better, not what the rest of us think is better.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I'm going for the K301 myself. I like the looks more, and the higher contrast ratio helps. But... it's about $100 more than the K90.


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        I can get the k300 for 420€, the k301 for 479€, the k500 545€ and the k90 433€.

        what are the diferences between the k300 and k301?

        I've never seen none of them for real, just pictures, that's why i'm so...


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          I've been e-mailing the manufacturer back and forth for a while now, and here is what she said about the K300 versus the K301:

          K301 and K300 are same in function. K300 is base from K301. K300 's button is lower than K301's on front case. K300 and K301 are also defference on front case design. K300 is more easy for your hand pressing.that is all.


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            was it linda that you talked too?