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EL driving me nuts!!

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  • EL driving me nuts!!

    I have a 4x40 EL backlit LCD.
    It requires 100V AC x 2 for the backlight and -2.5V DC to drive it.

    Now, I have all the required components in order to get the voltages (3 different backlight inverters, various components for adjustable negative voltage) from standard 12V and -5V derived from a computer PSU.

    Now all I need is someone to put it all together for me.
    I have tried to do it myself but to no avail. I have all of the circuits that are needed, but my soldering skills along with sheer dumbness dont help me at all.

    If there is anyone near Berwick, Vic or anywhere in Australia that could help me out, please reply! Anyone from anywhere else in the world that could help also please reply, as I REALLY want to get this LCD working.

    Jarrod - Holden VX S!