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question about "dennis k" screen

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  • question about "dennis k" screen

    i just got this screen in the mail today, (ordered it 4 1/2 weeks ago) and it seems to have 2 touch screen controllers with it, did everyone get 2 or was it just me, also i have a hirose cable and a touch screen serial cable coming soon, i already have a tft controller, so the only other thing i can think of to make this work is a inverter, where can i get one and do i need anything else,

    also if anyone need this extra touch screen controller just ask and ill see what i can do.


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    yay i got mine in mail today, packed in about 1 years subscription to some maginze (shredded).

    think you were lucky to get 2 touchscreen controllers. (i didnt get 2 :P)

    also i dont have backlight inverter, i emailed him after i won too see if he had any spares he could sell me, and he told me one was included. but i guess he confused it with his other auction which came with one.

    unless its built into the display lq9d161, but doesnt look like it.


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      so yours just came with the screen and a touch screen controller? did you get any cables or anything? i was hoping to get lucky and find a cable or two in there and a backlight inverter, but no luck, i wonder what a touchscreen controller like this is worth?



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        i think bout $50us or what ever some1 is pre pared to pay for it

        theres the cable coming off screen to go into inverter and another one coming off the touch display to plug into touch controller.

        tell us if you find where i can find an inverter if you find one.


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          I have the same screen. I'm searching for a controller for the lcd, if a find any I'll let you know.


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            i've got the same screen and the same problem. i really need to know where to get an inverter!
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              I got the controller card and the inverter. I'm still waiting for the screen and touch stuff.

              I need help with the inverter. My Digital View has a 5 pin output to the inverter. The inverter has a 4 pin input. I'm not sure how to hook it up at all. I need pin info.

              I'll get some pictures later. I need help identifying my inverter. It looks generic or something.
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