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8" touchscreen Lcd input question?

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  • 8" touchscreen Lcd input question?

    Okay I am looking into getting an 8" widescreen lcd. Possibly this one from ebay.
    But I am wanting some info on others, mainly the inputs. I have tried to get some pics but no one is willing to share so I hope others here are willing to. What I am wanting to see is the inputs on the screens. The one I am looking at says it has 2 video inputs and one vga input. I would like to hook up the vga to my computer going in the car and at least one of the other video inputs if not both if possible. I have seen some pics of the extra wires that are with other screens and it looks like they have a vga hookup with the rca's coming out of them. I hope I am not confusing anyone with this post. Is it possible to hook up the vga and an rca at the same time. If anyone has any pics of the inputs on their screens would you please share them. I want to hook my computer and others as well to this screen if possible. The other things hooked up to it will be a ps2, 2 different cameras, and dvd player. I have all these others on a video switcher so I just need to be able to hook up one rca for this to work. Any help from anyone here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks