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8" lilliput in a 350z

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  • 8" lilliput in a 350z

    I know this is a stupid question but I have to ask it since I already have the unit. I just bought an 06 350z and I was wondering if anyone had attempted to put an 8" lilliput in the nav compartment. I don't think it will fit without some serious modding and even then it'd be pretty tight. But I already have the unit from my last car which was totaled (82 280zx ) and I don't really want to go through the hasle of trying to sell it and buy a new unit. I will if I have to but I'd rather not, even if it requires some extra work on the install.

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    i have a 7" which is fitting perfectly into the OEM NAV compartment.

    for 8", i think you might need to trim the panel a little...


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      and you have the 06? I haven't been able to find alot of information about the 06 and supposedly they changed the center console from the 05. the 7 " fits in there with 0 to little modification though?