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Grrr I keep blowing fuses any thoughts?

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  • Grrr I keep blowing fuses any thoughts?

    I tore half the car apart, will do the rest next weekend. First thing is the carputer was running fine until about a month ago then the lilliput went dark. Armen (Digital World Wide) fixed the fuse problem.

    Re install it, fuse blew again.

    Now I have a fuse right at the lilli and a fuse about 3 feet away from the lilli. They both blew.

    Fuses are 1 amp at the lilli and 1.5 amps along the way.

    1. I hope it is not the lilli causing this, that would suck. The first fuse is a good 3 feet from the display so I am thinking, short, bad ground but can't find the damn thing.

    Do you agree? or is it possibly the lilli?

    I suck with testers, what is a good way to test the wires. I have been running the tester open cirucut vs close is this ok? Or would voltage or amperage or ohms be better what should I look for when testing.
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    disconnect the power wire(s) from th elilli and test for continuity between the + and -. set the meter to Ohms for this. if you show continuity, you have a short.
    Also, just for ****s a giggles, did the + and - get crossed somewhere? reverse polarity will pop those fuses in a second every time.