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  • touchscreen?

    I'm looking for a touchscreen that has software so i could directly connect a hard drive to it. Therefore, i dont really want to do an actual computer. I've been looking everyone and couldnt find such a touchscreen...could any of you help me? Thankyou in advance i appreciate ur time and effort.

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    Well the RCA Lyra A/V portable thingy has a hard drive and a 4" touchscreen. You could use as a standalone and mold into dash. Touchscreens use a USB interface and then software to interpret the touches. So you would need something to interpret the touches and a hard drive won't do that. If you don't want a computer, then maybe a all in one unit like the Avic-n2 or something like the double din 6.5" units off eBay. The just wont store stuff on a harddrive. Actually I think the newer avic units have a smallish hard drive in them for GPS maps, and maybe some firmware hacks could store software. Try searching for that I guess. Just guessing about the firmware hack. Anything out there has to be hacked sometime right!
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