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  • LCD or TFT

    Should I go with a LCD (computer) or a 7" TFT (mobile) screen. I'm worried about the resolution on the TFT and not be able to read my MP3 list or my GPS not working right. I have nearly 4000 MP3s and cannot run WinAmp. Instead I use RealJukebox. Maybe when WinAmp 3 goes final perhaps. The beta looks good.

    Anyway, for you guys that do have TFTs, let me know what you think of them. No sense in having a small screen if I can't read the damn thing.
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    TFT (thin film transistor) is a type of LCD. Basically what you just asked is like asking should I go for a car or a Ford (tm). Doesn't make a lot of sense.

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      i beleive what he means is should he go with ntsc (or Pal depending on where you are) or VGA. My opinion: VGA totally. if you're running gps, it is pretty much a necessity to have the increased res. but thats just my opinion
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        Yeah I also read the question as a toss up between VGA or NTSC (or PAL).
        From what I have seen, your pretty much stuck at 640x480 or LESS on NTSC. Like etrik said, That is not much room for a map if you plan on using GPS. The quality seems to be much less when converting from VGA to NTSC also. I have tried a few scan converters and they all looked pretty bad. On the other hand, the price is a LOT cheaper for NTSC.
        If you already have the NTSC screen, I would use it untill you could go for VGA. Also if your limited by space then stick with NTSC.
        Other wise I would say, save up and go for the VGA screen, after all, this is going to be the showpeice of the whole MP3 player.
        I am running 1024x768 on an LCD that is supposed to be used as a Desktop monitor. The only complaints I have is that is is a
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          Why can you not run Winamp!?


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            I don't like to use WinAmp because I have roughly 4000 (yes, four thousand) MP3s (and is constantly growing every day). That is a LONG list to be looking through to find one song. Not something that would even be close to safe while driving. Plus I don't think WinAmp can handle any or too much more than that. I use RealJukebox because of its ability to sort by Artist, Album, or Genre. A lot better organized than WinAmp's mile long list. Now when WinAmp 3 comes out of the beta stages and is final, then I will look at it more. I've used the Beta and see that they are making good progress to this organization that I like. The visualizations are excellent which makes me dislike this decision but it is a sacrifice that I just have to make.

            Kinda getting off of the topic of the original thread, but thanks for everyone's input so far. Keep em coming. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. I want to get my project off the ground but have ran out of funds to do so. Someday I will get it done and when I do, it's going to totally kick a$$!!
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            View my Worklog to see some of my progress.
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              I see

              I see the reason. I have 6500 Mp3's. I use winamp, but I am building a custom application for sorting by gener and all that stuff and then it just calls Winamp./

              I will cehck out RealJukeBox,aybe that will do what I am thinking of programmign anyway.

              Congrats on your collection. I have 6500 + and 98% of them were all ripped directly off CD by me. That took a long time! :-) I did get some from a friend also, and maybe downloaded a hundred or two.