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  • DataLux and LCDs in general

    I bought a LMV10R from ebay around June 1999 and installed it in my car. I just recently spoke with someone from DataLux and they said that this monitor is way past its half life and was surprised it lasted this long. He also told me that the bubble I have in the upper left hand corner is common and the touchscreen doesn't work quite right there. This LCD is getting real dim now too. I am having problems with one of the three colors going out. My entire screen turns blue.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had these type of problems with industrial touch screens or LCDs in general?

    (This is my first post!)

    Celeron 400
    128MB ECC Ram
    20GB Maxtor HD
    ATI All-In-Wonder 128
    Abit BX6 2.0
    Wireless Logitech KB
    DVD/ZIP Drive
    Radio Receiver Card
    Street Atlas and GPS Receiver
    AC Inverter (Trying to get a DC-DC)
    Custom Built Startup/Shutdown circuit from a Basic STAMP II
    2 10" Eclipse Subs in Sealed Box
    6.5" MBQuarts
    2 Eclipse AMPS

    All of the above were built/installed by me.

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    I had one of these LMV10R models with the bubble in the top left corner. The screen was garbage; couldn't extend the cable, would only work with video cards that were at least 2 years old, and it wasn't all that bright. So I picked up an LMV10R2, and I've had no complaints since


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      i have a datalux 10.4" . bought it off ebay about a year ago. it still works fine. but the color is a little washed out but dvd's look fine. the brightnes is good. its not in my car yet because i am still setting up programs and doing some tweaking. my latest addition will be an agp dual video card i just bought from ebay to add another vga flat panel in the rear.

      i also recently had some problems with the touchware drivers. i can only now use version 5.3. the newer ones dont work.
      99.9% complete.


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        From what I have gathered, all LCDs have a backlight half life. This is the point where the backlight is exactly half the brightness it was at assembly. So really, any LCD used a certain # of hours (25,000 hours for the datalux, i think) is going to be dimmer and washed out. As for loosing color channels, that must be electronics going bad.

        perseus98, your are form gainesville? What do you drive? Write me sometime.
        System in the works:
        Celeron 850 or PIII 933, SB Live! Value into a stock 4 channel amp, ATI vid, 10.4" sharp LCD w/ allen's controller, Elo SW touchscreen overlay and controller, GPS, TV tuner, FW DVD drive, 4 port serial card, and some other stuff....

        Loads of ideas.