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  • Please gimme a good answer

    I have an older compac presario laptop. My roommates dog ate the charger cord and he ****ed something else up so it doesnt want to work all the time (power supply issues Im guessing)

    Anyways, I have about three laptops so this one will make a good sacrifice. Id like to find out if I can use the screen as a monitor. Isnt it the same as any other LCD screen? Can I wire it up?

    Id rather not throw this thing away if I can snag a 14 inch monitor out of it. If I have to use the whole computer I think its trash. I dont want to spend the money fixing it.

    Thanks to anyone that can give me any solid answer.

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    It is like any other lcd monitor except for the connection. Your laptop monitor uses a ribbon cable that connects to the laptop's video card. The signal is a digital signal (something like a DVI signal would be - im guessing). The problem you will have trying to connect this would be extending the ribbon cable to a length that will allow you to mount this in the front of you car. You will have to figure out some way of doing that, and you could possibly use it. Powering it will be another challenge, although less of a challenge. You could probably power it from the laptop directly also by extending the power wires.
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      You will also need a controller to convert VGA or DVI to the standard the panel uses. These range from $75 to $200, and which one you will need depends on your panel.

      Check and for controllers.