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    Hello, this is my first but not my first time here. I'm currently working on getting a couple companys to sell me controllers. I don't know the details yet but I soon will. Could you all please reply to these 5 questions to help me get them to sell me these controllers.
    1. Would you be interested? Y N
    2. How much would you pay? $_____
    3. What is a reasonable price? $_____
    4. Would you buy them, if i stocked them? Y N
    5. Do you think there is a big demand on controllers? Y N
    [::..N i G..::]

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    Just to give you alittle more information:
    I'm currently in the stages of writing a email to them. Also, I was checking there products they have a wide selection of controllers so I will probably be able to get all controllers if they accept me as a reseller
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      1) yes
      2) 100 or less, got an allen rubble for 70 so....
      3) 75
      4) yes
      5) and yes
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        2. 50-100 depending obviously on capabilities
        3. 75
        4. probably yup
        5. yes, most people just don't know about them or think they're too expensive, (obviously that does not include the people on this board because we already know about them)


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          1. Y
          2. $130 (still cheaper than anything else out there)
          3. $100
          4. If I was in the market for a new controller, yes.
          5. I think the demand will be growing quickly. As carputers become more popular, more people will be dropping their composite LCDs in favor of VGA LCDs.


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            I think you can get digitalview controllers from or

            DennisK from eBay just said he sent out my eBay touchscreen kit and controller yesterday. I can't wait.

            What brand controller are you guys looking for?
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              Today Im going to email two companies possibly 3 to see if i can become a reseller
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              NEED INFO GUY