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Need drivers please: Lilliput 619GL-70NP

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  • Need drivers please: Lilliput 619GL-70NP

    i bought a modded Lilliput 619GL-70NP (TM-710VGT) screen with a cpu. but when the harddrive malfunctioned, i had to get a new one. anyways, i never got the cd with the drivers on them, and now i'm stuck. can anyone help me out by posting the drivers? thanks all

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    As of 4/15/06: Computer is in and running great! Still got a few bugs to work out tho
    M10000, Lilliput, M1-ATX, Slot DVD, 40 GB HDD, 512 MB DDR, BU-353, M$ S&T '06, XMD1000


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      What's wrong with going to the source? You have a Lilliput monitor, you get yourself to Lilliput's website and get the drivers. It's not a difficult concept. I'll give you a hint:

      Gen 1: Pentium 3 1GHz - ATX - 2005
      Gen 2: Pentium M 1.6GHz - ITX - 2006
      Gen 3: Pentium M 2.0GHz - 5.25" SBC - 2007
      Gen 4: (coming soon: Core2 Duo - 3.5" SBC - 2009) never ends


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        WTF? noobs should be required to read the damn faq's before such stupid spoon feed requests are made.


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          i've been trying this site since 11am today, and i guess its back up. thanks!