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Monitor makes high pitch sound...

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  • Monitor makes high pitch sound...

    I have a 10.4" Datalux touchscreen which runs only at 640x480 @ 60 hz and as soon as it turns on I can faintly hear a high pitched sound coming from it, even when my stereo is off I can hear the noise so I believe it to be coming directly from the monitor and not from my speakers. Is there any way to fix this?

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    I don't know, but I would also like to know, I have a 17" CRT sitting on my desk here which does the same and it is really loud since there isnt any road noise like in a car. It is annoying as hell and degaussing doesn't help it. Sorry I can't help, but I wanted to let you know others have the same problem.
    Josh Karger
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      Incidentally, I used to have an old 14" CTX screen which I would run at 60Hz and it would emit the same type of sound. Have you tried changing your refresh rate? I believe it may have something to do with that. i suppose I was hoping someone might know of an adapter or some sort of vga-cable attachment that would remedy this.


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        Yeah it's the refresh rate at least on the CRT's. You just have to play around and try to get the highest working refresh rate without the buzz.

        I'd be interested to know if that also works on the LCD's....
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          Tried the refresh, didn't help!

          I think it is actually caused (in my situation) by this which I found on a website:

          Sometimes my monitor makes a high pitched noise. Is this a sign of trouble?
          Usually the sound is from one of the transformers in the monitor which resonate due to the gap in their core upon which the coils are wound. Minute physical changes occurring due to normal warming may cause the gap to assume a spacing just right so the magnetic field sets it vibrating like a speaker, and the gap is of a wavelength that reproduces a high pitched tone. It is in not harmful to the monitor.

          Like I said it's an old monitor and has been moved lots of times im sure... and it only happens after it has been on for a while and stops when I turn it off. If I turn it right ack on it comes back in a few seconds if I leave for a while and it cools then turn it back on its fine. Makes sense with the problem and answer above!
          Josh Karger
          By reading this post you agree to overlook all grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors! ;)


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            well dosent the converter for the back light contain some type of transformer or inductor??? Those are the only 2 devises i know of that can step up voltages.
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