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Wanting to do a carputer, where to put display?

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  • Wanting to do a carputer, where to put display?

    I have a 1993 Honda Accord, and want to do a carputer. The only way to put a monitor in the dash would be to relocate the climate contols lower on the dash to accomodate a monitor farther up.

    The stuff highlited red would be put down where the radio is, and the stuff highlighted green, may or may not be moved, but if moved can be easily relocated to another area of the car.

    Also, putting a screen on a gooseneck is an option, but those do not look as built into the car, and depending on where mounted, could get in the way of my shifter.

    What do you guys think?

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    why dont u do it like this. its an idea.


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      how do u post pics so they show up instead of just a link? lol


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        Screen is too low, plus the headunit would get in the way of the shift linkage, the shifter cables run right below that console. I was thinking of sticking the headunit in the glovebox. I really do not think the climate contols would be too hard to move, the wires should have enough slack to move down 6''.


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          so something like this

          that will work too. just move the climate controls to the lower din and mount screen at the top.

          or dont bother moving the climate controls. u have a double din. a screen would go in there nicely. just relocate your headunit to the glove box and mount the screen in the double din.


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            Yeah, that is wht I am thinking would work best.


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              it would be alot easier to just do this



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                Originally posted by 05k20A3
                how do u post pics so they show up instead of just a link? lol
                If you have a direct url to the image it should be like this
                [img]url to image[/img]
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                  I went for a visor install in my 99 camry. Since it didn't involve any dash modification, it was a lot easier to do, and as a bonus, a visor install is much less visible when you're parking in less avory neighborhoods.