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  • in-dash question

    hey got a question for you guys...

    i hooked up a 7" in-dash motorized screen today and I found that when the car is turned off the unit is still lit up. its not fully powered (it wont open) but it displays the time and there is backlighting. i followed the wiring guide to a "T". I was wondering if this is normal operation or if its sucking the juice from my battery. thanks.

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    this is what i have...i didnt find a brand name anywhere.

    if you look at the picture, all the buttons that are showing along the bottom are the ones that stay lit.

    also, there are four wires, acc, 12V, and two grounds.


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      bump, anyone?


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        Well it does need to suck a bit of juice to keep presets, prefereces, and time settings, but I don't think the display should show anything...

        Have you looked in the manual for maybe some sort of preference that disables the display when acc wire is off? Just a guess.
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