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LCD opinion question? sorry..kind of long!!

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  • LCD opinion question? sorry..kind of long!!

    Can I ask a few opinion questions? I've been lurking around here the last few weeks and have determined that I'm not nearly as smart about these things as I thought. Let me give you a quick background on what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I have a Audi A6 that I have put alot on money into on the stereo side. MP3 player, XM radio, MB quart speakers, Amplifier, sub...the whole works. I'm very satisfied with my musical needs! I'm very computer literate and have had an older notebook laying around the house. I just can't come around to the idea of giving it to my 11 year old to break. Anyway...sorry about the rambling. I have the notebook with a docking station, a Delorme GPS and Delorme software. I really want to have a navigation system in my Audi. The OEM solution really sucks unless you go with a NAV-E that is big bucks? to my questions.

    1. Without needing to change songs/albumns/playlists...etc. Do you think I can get away without needing a touchscreen? (also seems to be brighter without the touchscreen and cheaper for the same LCD....correct?) A little brighter and no need to get fingermarks / stylus marks. With what little I need to type....I'm looking at a IR / RF trackball and perhaps a small keyboard. I might even be able to go wired...anyway. Am I looking at this correctly or am I missing something big?

    2. For NAV a 16:9 better than a 4:3?

    Thanks for all or you help and all the great information that I've learned!!!