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can u make a LILLIPUT 701 autostart?

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  • can u make a LILLIPUT 701 autostart?

    Hi guys,
    I bought a LILLIPUT 701 series (with tv tuner) and every time I start my car, the unit does not power (or flip the screen on automatically) on. I have to manually hit the power or monitor button. Can you guys help me with this please?

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    None of those links in the post above refer to the 701 series in-dash Lilliput, just so anyone knows if they find this thread...
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      ya, i tried inputing one of the codes. The codes input fine, but doesn't do anything to the screen.
      the new 701 is a 1 din 7inch motorized screen, with tv tuner/fm tuner built in. Nice unit!


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        I can't seem to be able to do it either. Don't really know what to do.


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          The autostart function is made by factory. The distributer must ask factory to add this funtion when they order to factory. Otherwise, you can't adjust it yourself. It is secret! (Manufacturer mentioned..)
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            You need to read this thread. Read through and it will tell you how to re-program the monitor to auto-on. Page 5 specifically mentions how to do it on the 701
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