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Svideo to In Dash TFT Problem

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  • Svideo to In Dash TFT Problem

    Hi all,

    I am currently switching from an Xbox (Chipped with XBMC) to a more versatile PC incar Solution and have run into a spot of bother regarding the S-Video Output to the in dash tft screen.

    Basically the TFT screen has 2 Video Inputs 1 for xbox/dvd etc and one for rear camera. The xbox runs no problem thru this and i have been using this for some time. When i install the PC to the car and connect the video input to the SVIDEO i get no output what so ever, but i do get an output on my normal house tv.

    Now i have been doing some research and have found that the input signal of the tft screen is "Video Input Signal: 1.0Vp-p". I am using a ATI Radeon 9250 128mb with Dsub/DVI/SVIDEO outputs on the card. According to "THe Tech Guys" Support forum the card outputs on the SVIDEO a 0.7Vpp Signal.

    Can anyone tell me wether this is the problem? Some of you may say just get a TFT with DSUB input but this is not ideal as i bought this monitor a few months back and i would love to get this going.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Right, Found the issue.
    The s-video on the 9250 is exactly as above and that is the issue the vp-p is too low on this card. Last night i installed a Nvidia FX 5200 129 pci and VOILA!!! it is now outputing via S-Video. So dont use a Radeon 9250 and to be honest i was a bit stupid using an ati over an nvidia bad.

    I have however got a further prob which i have had before with my normal house tv. The svideo is rather fuzzy/blurry, what i , mean is that it is not very defined so it makes navigating windows very painful. Although anything that is media centre like is ok as it is meant for this sort of application. I do run Autoroute on the pc aswell for gps and general mapping and this is a definate no go as you cant see ****!!!!

    Anyone have any ideas about getting round this? The only alternaticve is to get me self an XGA/SVGA tft touchscreen.



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      Originally posted by minus6degrees
      Anyone have any ideas about getting round this? The only alternaticve is to get me self an XGA/SVGA tft touchscreen.
      Composite video (the yellow RCA) or s-video are at a much lower resolution than PC video through VGA. TV screens (which is what you have) aren't designed for the higher resolution.
      You can try lowering your resolution to 640x480 and tweaking parameters like brightness/contrast. Powerstrip is a piece of software that will allow you to adjust timings and other settings that may help improve the display.
      I wouldn't expect to get your display quality better than marginal, and it will likely still look like crap.

      And if you searched or look int he FAQ Emporium, you'd know this. This isn't new information and has been discussed here at length many, many times. That's why there's an entry in the FAQ EMporium about it.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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